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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Invisible Hands?

While researching my recent wikileaks post I came across some interesting analyses of Assange’s writings that really shed some light on both his beliefs and his motivations. According to his paper “State and Terrorist Conspiracies,” the one constant that underlies all modern states is an inevitable drive towards authoritarianism. This includes both state regimes as well as what Assange calls ‘neocorporatist interests.’ Due to modern methods of societal oversight of these bodies, this authoritarian tendency necessarily gives rise to conspiratorial behavior. These conspiracies are not those akin to a Dan Brown novel, but rather simply measures used to conceal the actions and lines of communication used by the state or corporatist body.
This is where wikileaks comes in. The way one undermines these authoritarian dealings is by exposing the obfuscated dealings that are essential for their continuation. In Assange’s words, ‘How can we reduce the ability of a conspiracy to act?…We can split the conspiracy, reduce or eliminating important communication between a few high weight links or many low weight links.’
What wikileaks is therefore meant to do is reduce the conspiratorial capacity of the modern state. Every diplomatic cable released is meant to sever a strand of the web he sees running through all modern governments. What do you all think about this? His core assumption about the authoritarian nature of government is interesting but not all that well supported as far as I can tell. Sound off!

Also, for a longer and much more eloquent dissection of Assange’s writing please check out this piece. http://zunguzungu.wordpress.com/2010/11/29/julian-assange-and-the-computer-conspiracy-%e2%80%9cto-destroy-this-invisible-government%e2%80%9d/?to-destroy-this-invisible-government??/

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